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Fees, Conditions & Refunds Policy 

  1. An Application Fee is non-refundable; however, it can be payable upon applying. 
  2. In any case that The Food School Bangkok rejects a student’s application or the student’s VISA is refused, the application fee will not be refunded. 
  3. Students are eligible to pay a 10% deposit of the total tuition fee* with additional fees*, including tool kits, uniforms, etc. The remaining balance must be paid in full within 7 working days or 10 days before the Orientation Day. 

Payment Options: 

  • Cash 
  • Credit Card (instalments available)  
  • Bank Transfer 
  • Online Payment 

*Deposit for tuition & additional fees are non-refundable. 

** Terms and Conditions are subjected to The Food School Bangkok. 

  1. The Food School Bangkok reserves the right to charge a late fee of 300THB per day if the payment is not received by the due date. 
  2. An applicant who has been approved for enrolment at The Food School Bangkok for a specific term but later decides to withdraw from the course, must notify TFS in writing to be entitled for a refund

    To check how much of your tuition fees can be refunded, see the chart below. 
  • % Of tuition fee to be refunded and the effective period to request for a refund 
  • 0% : Less than 15 days before Orientation Day 
  • 50% : 15-30 days before Orientation Day 
  • 90% : More than 30 days before Orientation Day 

Remark: Any other additional Fees such as application fee, toolkit and uniform are non-refundable 

  1. If an applicant’s application is granted, he or she may defer the start of the course to a later term within a 12-month period. All deferment requests must be received by The Food School Bangkok at least two weeks prior to the start of the course. Once a student has made this decision, they are no longer eligible for any of the other refund options listed in the refund policy. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the applicant on a later course of his or her choosing. If the tuition fee for the course to be attended is more than the initial course chosen, the applicant must pay the difference to settle the amount to The Food School Bangkok within a certain timeframe. 
  2. The Food School Bangkok maintains the right to discontinue the enrolled course and not to refund tuition or additional costs, once the 12-month period of deferment has expired. Unless students can provide a valid reason for not being able to attend the course, this will be considered solely by The Food School Bangkok. 
  3. At any moment, the Food School Bangkok maintains the right to alter administrative and tuition fees. Students must pay the additional costs if administration and tuition fees are increased. 
  4. Uniforms and tool kits are not included in the course tuition fees. The student will be responsible for any uniform and toolkit modification costs. 
  5. Additional Academic Transcript requests will be charged 300 Baht per copy or 1,000 Baht for each parchment by The Food School Bangkok. 
  6. Changes to a student VISA or cancellation of a student VISA will not be refunded. 
  7. A surcharge by the bank will be applied to Visa and Mastercard credit card holders. Other forms of payment are not accepted. 
  8. The student is responsible for any bank fees and charges. 
  9. Any student who refuses to pay administrative and or tuition fees will not be given any type of reward or acknowledgment and admission to the courses until the outstanding amounts have been paid in full to The Food School Bangkok. Overdue funds will also be collected by the Food School Bangkok. 
  10. The Food School Bangkok has the right to refuse any application for admission at its own discretion, and it is under no obligation to disclose reasons for its decision. 
  11. There will be no return of administrative or tuition fees paid or reduction in costs payable if a student fails to finish a course for any reason other than The Food School Bangkok’s default. 
  12. If a student fails or is unable to complete a course as a result of a default by The Food School Bangkok, such as failure to begin the course on the agreed-upon start date, or the course ceasing after it begins but before it is completed, the student is entitled to a pro-rata refund of tuition fees. The refund will be given out within 45 business days of the default date and will be accompanied by a written statement, explaining how the amount was determined. 
  13. The Food School Bangkok’s Student Handbook contains the rules and regulations that must be followed by all students. 
  14. Except for personal injury or death caused by The Food School Bangkok, its employees, agents, servants, or any other person concerned, whether in respect of a negligent act or omission, within such premises, The Food School Bangkok shall have no liability to any student for any loss or damage and personal injury or death caused by any student’s negligent act or omission. 
  15. The Food School Bangkok retains the right to examine and change the organisation and/or structure of the course at any time in its sole discretion. 
  16. For any material changes made before the start of a course, The Food School Bangkok will make every effort to inform students who are impacted, but it will not be liable if it is unable to do so. 
  17. The accidental insurance is covered during the time that the student is enrolled at The Food School Bangkok only. 
  18. Every promotional work taken in the form of photographs, films or reproductions either wholly or partly in any manner or form whatsoever, including the works produced by students, The Food School Bangkok holds the right and liberty to use these resources in any medium either separately or in conjunction with other photographs, films and reproductions. 
  19. Students must not use the names “The Food School” or “The Food School Bangkok”, or partner school names under any circumstances, in any place or at any time. This applies to every situation with no time or geographical limitations, before, during, or after the training as a trademark, company, or trading name or otherwise. 

***This policy is considered as the current information at the time of publishing; however, it may subject to change at any moment without notice


Please read this section carefully. 

The Food School Bangkok vigorously defends its trademarks, copyright materials and other intellectual property rights and will take action to preventionary breach of its rights, including by claiming financial compensation. In this section “you” and “your” refer to  

the student making this application, but its terms apply both during and after your studies at The Food School Bangkok. 


The Food School Bangkok is the owner of a number of trademarks registered in numerous countries throughout the world for many classes of services and products, which include notably The Food School Bangkok, the Food School Bangkok logo (which appears on the top of this application form) You must not use any of The Food School Bangkok’s trade marks, or any confusingly similar trade mark, in connection with any activity that is commercial, business-related or professional in its nature or purpose. By way of example, such prohibited use would include use as or as part of a company name, trading name, domain name or email address. 


After your studies we hope that you will keep and treasure your The Food School Bangkok uniform and you are, naturally, free to use it in a purely private and non-commercial context. However, please note that you must not wear any part of The Food School Bangkok uniform or any other clothing that bears any of The Food School Bangkok’s trademarks in connection with any activity that is commercial, business-related, or professional in its nature or purpose. The Food School Bangkok will take firm action to prevent any misuse of the uniform. 

Copyright Materials 

The copyright in all learning, pedagogical and other materials provided to you by The Food School Bangkok during your studies is owned by The Food School Bangkok, except for any materials which may be in the public domain and materials used by permission of a third-party copyright owner. Such materials are provided for your personal educational use only and must not be reproduced, distributed, or shared with others, except with the prior written permission of the Institute’s senior management.

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