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Student Testimonials
Japanese Cuisine Programme by Tsuji
Ashima Wongthongkham

Mohri Sensei's attention to detail is what impresses me the most. He begins by teaching us the history of each menu, making it easy for beginners to follow. He is always available to answer our questions, and I can tell that he genuinely cares about our success.

Japanese Cuisine Programme by Tsuji
Prach Punnasuparom

I'm impressed with the atmosphere of learning Japanese cuisine in Tsuji programme. Sensei was able to effectively convey the techniques of Japanese cuisine. I will apply this knowledge in preparing Japanese cuisine at my own restaurant.

Thai Cuisine Programme by Dusit Thani College
Peerapong Lapromma

In addition to the classes led by Chef Tang, I was fortunate to learn from the Guest Chefs, each with their own unique specialisations and teaching styles. This aspect excited me as I would explore something new every day.

Thai Cuisine Programme by Dusit Thani College
Nathinee Tanprajamsin 

The curriculum laid a solid foundation in Thai cuisine, such as ingredient selection, tool usage, and heat control so that we gained necessary skills to effortlessly create innovative Thai dishes upon graduation.

Italian Cuisine Programme by ALMA
Daniel Rinow

I have made significant improvements, but it truly opens my eyes to how much further I have to go. I am nowhere near mastery. I look forward to learning more and more every day because of the environment the school has created. I'm highly inspired to keep trying.

Bakery & Pastry Programme by ALMA
Teantan Valairuech

The Food School Bangkok goes beyond just training students to become a chef. It places a strong emphasis on cultivating food business entrepreneurship. At the Advanced level, in addition to learning complex pastry recipes, I have gained knowledge in kitchen management and food operations.

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