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  1. Terminology
    Participant – the person who attends the course
    Applicant – the person who signed the application form
    TFS, School, we or us refers to The Food School Bangkok  
  2. The Food School Bangkok is dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and appreciating equality and diversity, it maintains the right to refuse any application or participant at any time. Applicants who supply false, incomplete, or erroneous information may be disqualified. Hence, any applicant who has had their application refused will not be entitled to a refund.  
  3. The school retains the right to cancel the participant’s training at any time if the participant fails to follow the school rules or otherwise behaves in a disruptive or damaging way to the learning experience of the other participants. 
  4. If the school approves the application and receives the required information and payment, the school will send an email confirmation of enrolment to the Applicant or Participant. At this time, a legally binding contract on these Terms and Conditions is created between the School and the Participant or fee payer. 
  5. Should a Participant, Applicant, or fee payer choose to cancel their participation on the course after receiving a confirmation of enrollment letter through email, a refund will not be eligible. For further information, please see the Cancellation and Deferment Conditions. 

Payment and Enrolment  

  1. Applicants must pay the full amount for the course at the time of enrolling, or their placement in the course will be rejected.  
  2. It is the responsibility of the participants or applicants to check the correct spelling of their name and surname at the time of enrolment, as TFS will not be responsible for any incorrect spelling printed on the Certificate. As the participants or applicants complete the course, a Certificate of Accomplishment will be provided.  
  3. If a participant is unable to attend the course and would like to nominate another participant to take their place, TFS must receive written notification no less than 7 business days before the course starts.  

Cancellation and Deferment Conditions  

  1. The course fee(s) are non-refundable. 
  2. All course fees received will be forfeited if an applicant, fee-payer, or participant chooses to terminate their participation.  
  3. If an applicant or participant desires to delay their enrolment to a later date, TFS must receive a written request at least 14 business days before the start of the course(s). The course fee deferment will be 100% eligible for the same course in the next start date within 3 months. However, deferment notification made less than 14 business days, the course fee deferment will not be eligible. 
  4. Deferment will only be eligible one time and can be used within 3 months for the next available class 
  5. To be eligible for our Certificate of Accomplishment, participants must attend all planned classes in the programme 
  6. Any funds paid will be forfeited if the participant fails to attend any part of the course/demonstration for any reason, whether within or beyond the participant’s control. TFS will not place the participant on any other course. 
  7. Participants must wear a loose-fitting long or short sleeved shirt or top with full-length or no less than ankle length trousers for safety reasons. Closed-toe, flat, heel-covering, non-slip shoes are required. Sandals, high heels, boots, and other footwear that are not suitable for practical lessons are prohibited. Long hair should be tied back. Additionally, please wear minimal jewelry and remove watches and rings during class. 
  8. Participants who fail to follow the above safety guideline will not be allowed to enter the kitchen or participate in the training, and their course fees will be forfeited. 
  9. All participants must adhere to the instructor’s guidelines and actively participate in the lessons. 
  10. Participants who arrive more than 15 minutes late for planned courses may be denied attending the class 
  11. The school maintain the right to dismiss any student who is or seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol from attending classes 
  12. Only with the school’s prior agreement may the Participant take photographs of the school’s premises. TFS usually allows the participant to take pictures of food cooked by TFS’s instructors from recipes shown during the session at the end of the class for strictly personal use only. The participant acknowledges that the school will possess all copyright in any photographs taken on the school’s premises, and that the participant may only use such materials for personal, non-commercial reasons. The participant is not authorized to film on the school grounds. 


  1. The participant or applicant shall have no right to use the names “The Food School” and/or similar names or logos under any circumstances, at any time or in any place, including the internet, whether before, during, or after their training, and whether as a trademark, company, or trading name or otherwise. 
  2. The participant grants his/her permission to be photographed and/or filmed during lessons and/or activities held on the school’s facilities. The participant recognizes and accepts that his or her name and image may be used in any and all modes of communication available now or in the future for The Food School marketing objectives. The participant acknowledges that the school may, at its choice, delegate this consent to associated firms, partners, or media contacts in an ethical and responsible way without notifying the participant. 
  3. If any change is made before the start of a course, the school will make every effort to notify the affected participant but will not be liable if the notification is not received. 
  4. The Participant understands that the school will not be held liable if he or she gets food poisoning from tasting or eating food cooked in class by him/her or fellow students. After the class, the participant is responsible for properly storing his or her food.  
  5. The school accepts no responsibility for unintentional injury or other loss caused to the participant, or for loss or damage to property, unless negligent or guilty of some other wrong doing causing injury, loss, or damage. 
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