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Chef Mattalia Miro Giovanni
Italian Cuisine Chef Instructor
Chef Mattalia Miro Giovanni is an Italian culinary virtuoso renowned for his unparalleled skill and boundless creativity. With a rich tapestry of experience cultivated over decades in the world's most esteemed Michelin-starred kitchens, Chef Miro brings an extraordinary depth of expertise to every dish he crafts. His culinary journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, as he continually pushes the boundaries of traditional Italian cuisine with imaginative twists and ingenious flavour combinations.
Instructor's Journey:
  • Executive chef at Cetara Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Executive chef at Ristorante Consorzio, Turin, Italy
  • Head chef and sous chef executive at El Racò de Can Fabes, Barcelona, Spain (3-star Michelin)
  • Head chef at La table d’ Edgard, Lausanne Palace, Switzerland (1-star Michelin)
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