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Yann Triffe
Wine and Spirits Distillation Instructor
A master distiller and co-founder at KOSAPAN Distillery since 2010, Yann Triffe hails from France, where his passion for wine and spirits sparked at a young age. Coming from a lineage rooted in the art of distillation, his grandfather, father, and brother have all indulged in distillation as a hobby, focusing primarily on fruits like pears, peaches, and raspberries. Under Triffe’s guidance, KOSAPAN's rhum has gained multiple accolades, including a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition which solidified its reputation as one of Thailand's finest organic rhums. Outside the world of distillation, his spirits have also found favour among renowned Michelin-starred chefs and top bartenders across Thailand, a testament to his commitment to quality and innovation. From KOSAPAN, Yann brings his arsenal of experience to our classes at The Food School Bangkok, sharing insights on extracting the finest flavours from natural Thai essences and the beauty and complexities of the art of distillation.
Instructor's Journey:
  • Co-Founder at KOSAPAN Distillery
  • Global Sourcing Leader – Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy
  • Co-Founder at Sabor a Peru
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