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GET TO KNOW ALMA – The School of Italian Culinary Arts

The globally renowned culinary school and the journey from Italy to Thailand invite you to get to know ALMA – the School of Italian Culinary Arts, providing the higher education in training chefs, pastry chefs and the top-ranked hospitality courses in Italy. Explore how the reputation of this internationally recognised culinary school has spread worldwide. Also, the becoming of The Food School Bangkok’s initial investor and partner school.  

ALMA was established in 2004 in the beautiful surroundings of the Ducal Palace of Colorno within the Parma region. ALMA was designated as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015 because its agricultural ingredients are certified as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), symbolising high-quality produce specific to the region and reflecting excellence in European culinary arts. ALMA has become a hub for the beauty of Italian cuisine, attracting visitors who wish to experience the authentic taste of Italian food. 

ALMA’s educational philosophy was inspired by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, who once stated, “Great things can only be achieved through hard study and tirelessly practicing the craft…”. Here, he emphasised that adequate cooking skills must come from continuous training and unbounded skill development. Their courses thus focus on self-improvement, fostering strong teamwork, developing chefs’ potential, and guiding students toward becoming professional chefs and proficient entrepreneurs. ALMA has evolved into a professional training institute for hospitality staff and hotel entrepreneurs, renowned in Italy and internationally.  

Moreover, the school also collaborates with leading institutes in over 20 countries, promoting the art of Italian cuisine and practical techniques to create dishes that represent the epitome of Italian culinary excellence. In partnership with prominent institutes, ALMA has journeyed to The Food School Bangkok, located in Thailand, to impart the identity of Italian cuisine to students and food enthusiasts. The Food School Bangkok is ALMA’s first flagship school as they share the same vision to groom culinary enthusiasts succeed in the profession. Given traditional culinary courses, ALMA delivers various aspects of Italian cuisine, from the fundamental knowledge of Italian culinary arts, traditional dishes, culture, hospitality, and food and beverage pairing techniques to contemporary training methods. Another shared vision between the two institutes is “Zero-Waste,” which highlights sustainability and responsibility for the environment. As seen in making Italian pastry and bakery, there is a saying, “NO LEFT-OVER BREAD,” as many traditional recipes initiate from the idea of not wasting bread or leaving any crumbs.  

Experience the warm atmosphere and the Italian culinary experience directly from the globally recognised school, ALMA, at The Food School Bangkok, located in the heart of Bangkok. Visit the gallery on the 3rd floor and the fully equipped kitchen, where you can develop your culinary skills with courses ranging from Italian culinary arts to bakery and pastry, curated by experienced chefs, including Chef Bruno Ruffini, a pioneering ALMA’s chef in 2004 and other professionals like Chef Enrico Nativi and Chef Angelo Belluzzi from Italy

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