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Carne: Poultry and Lamb
Experience a mouthwatering culinary journey that focuses on the art of creating tantalising dishes with poultry and lamb as our featured ingredients. Throughout this course, you will unlock the techniques and secrets behind mastering Italian cuisine, delving into the world of preparations that will expand your culinary repertoire. Immerse yourself in the true essence of Italian gastronomy as you learn to impress your guests with a diverse array of flavorful poultry and lamb creations.
Course Schedule
Class Date 11 May 2024
Class Session 1-Day Class with 2 Sessions per day
Class Hour Morning 08:30-12:30 / Afternoon 13:30-17:30
Total Hours 8 hours
Class Capacity 14 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language Italian with English translation
Suitable For Amateurs, reskillers and Italian food lovers
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School and ALMA
What you will learn :
  • Brief history of Italian culinary cultures
  • Poultry and lamb dishes preparation
  • Master techniques for perfect Italian dishes
Carne: Poultry and Lamb
  • Pollo Alla Cacciatora (Chicken In "Cacciatora-Style")
  • Garganelli Al Ragù D'Anatra (Fresh Garganelli Pasta With Duck Ragù)
  • Agnello Arrosto Con I Peperoni (Roasted Lamb With Red Bell Pepper)
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