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Craft Beer 101
The workshop will cover the basics of beer with a deeper dive into craft beer or small batch brewing. Students will taste 6-8 styles of craft beer, while learning about their specific ingredients, history and geographic origins, together with craft beer revolution. Student will also discover the brewing process and understand the raw materials, where they are sourced from, and basic food and beer pairing guidelines.
Course Schedule
Class Date 05 July 2023
Class Session 1 Day Class with 1 session per day
Class Hour Afternoon session : 18:30 - 20:30 hrs.
Total Hours 2 hours
Class Capacity 16 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 20 years old
Delivery Language English
Suitable For Amateur and craft beer lovers
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School Bangkok
What you will learn :
  • Brief review of beer throughout history, ancient to modern and the importance of beer to humanity
  • Begin beer tasting by styles, lightest first and explain each beer style and ingredients
  • Discuss beer ingredients while tasting and offer examples of each ingredient to see, touch, smell
  • Continue beer tasting while discussing brewing process and how each ingredient is used
  • Describe the basic concept of beer and food pairing, give several examples of complementary or contrasting pairings
  • Discuss the new era of craft brewing and the popularity of extreme style beers
  • Q&A, discussion, and final tasting along with a brief review of the beers tasted
Craft Beer 101
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