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A Progressive Learning Community ‘The Food School Bangkok’ Upholds a Strong Commitment Supporting Sustainability Empowerment

The hospitality industry has a significant impact on the environment, and many organisations are working towards implementing sustainability concepts into their policies. The Food School Bangkok is no exception and is committed to promoting environmental friendliness to its students and employees through sustainable ingredient sourcing and launching campaigns.

Turning Food into Natural Fertiliser!

The Food School Bangkok also implements the “Zero Waste Management” principle, which involves using food waste composter to turn food waste into natural fertiliser that can be shared with employees and surrounding organisations to nourish trees in a sustainable way.

Farm-to-Table at the Heart of the City!

To encourage sustainable farming practices, The Food School Bangkok has implemented a vertical farm that reduces the usage of pesticides, spaces, and water while ensuring crop quality and reducing waste. The fresh products grown in the vertical farm are also used as ingredients in various classes.

100% Supporting Local Thai Farmers!

In addition, The Food School Bangkok supports local Thai farmers by subsidising produce from them to use in teaching and as the main raw material for creating dessert menus at the Test Kitchen Café on the first floor of the school. This effort aims to promote organic production processes and elevate the quality of life and occupation of Thai farmers.

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