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Chocolate 101
Embark on a delightful exploration of the chocolate realm with our 'Chocolate 101 Short Course'. Tailored for chocolate enthusiasts of all backgrounds, even those new to the culinary world, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of chocolate production. Dive into the secrets of chocolate making through essential theories, equipment preparation, and the crafting of 9 exquisite chocolate creations—all within just 8 hours!
Course Schedule
Class Date 31 August 2024
Class Session 1-Day Class with 2 Sessions per day
Class Hour Morning 08:30-12:30 / Afternoon 13:30-17.30
Total Hours 8 hours
Class Capacity 12 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language Thai with English Translation
Suitable For Amateur, reskillers, and chocolate lovers
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School Bangkok
What you will learn :
  • Brief introduction to the chocolate production
  • Chocolate tempering techniques
  • Production of chocolate bon bons
  • Various chocolate ganache recipes
  • Professional tips & tricks of chocolate production
Chocolate 101 recipes by The Food School Bangkok
  • Chocolate Bar with Inclusions (Dark Chocolate Bar / Milk Chocolate Bar / White Chocolate Bar)
  • Chocolate Bon Bons (Raspberry Chocolate Ganache / Matcha Ganache / Hazelnut Gianduja)
  • Chocolate Truffle (Almond Truffle / Coffee and Cacao Nibs Truffle / Classic Truffle)
Lecturers (Explore the Chefs biography below)
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