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Know Your Coffee
A student will understand the whole chain of coffee since farming, processing, roasting, brewing, and drinking. Each element has variety of data, so we gather as many as we can and summarize them in our simple way based on our practical experience.
Course Schedule
Class Date 25 April 2023 / 26 April 2023 / 27 April 2023
Class Session 3-Day Class with 2 Sessions per day
Class Hour Morning 09:00-12:00 / Afternoon 13:00-16:00
Total Hours 18 hours
Class Capacity Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language English with Thai translation
Suitable For Coffee Lovers, Coffeepreneurs, Food Business Entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in learning about coffee
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School Bangkok
What you will learn :
  • Coffee History and Revolution (1st, 2nd, 3rd wave)
  • Six Components of Coffee Supply Chain
  • Specialty Coffee and Varieties
  • Coffee Cherry Components
  • Coffee Bean Sources/Coffee Belt
  • Thai Specialty Coffee Industry
  • Coffee Tasting (by Sample, Roast Level, Process, Origin, Range)
  • Coffee Processing
  • Sensory Theory & Practice
  • Defects
  • Making espresso (Theory, Practice, Troubleshooting)
  • Milk Steaming
  • Making Hot and Iced Drinks
  • Basic Roasting Knowledge
  • Drip Coffee
Know Your Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Drip Coffee
  • Hot & Iced Drinks
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