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Neapolitan Pizza
Embark on a journey to become a skilled pizza chef with a comprehensive pizza course led by the esteemed chefs of Peppina, ranked among the Top 50 Pizza Restaurants in Asia-Pacific 2022. Over the span of 40 hours, you'll delve into both theory and hands-on practice. Learn the fundamental art of crafting pizza dough, exploring key ingredients, understanding oven equipment, and mastering the Neapolitan Pizza-making process, including the authentic recipe and advanced techniques. Elevate your skills by experimenting with diverse pizza toppings, gaining expertise that combines theory with practical application.
Course Schedule
Class Date 02 October 2023 / 03 October 2023 / 04 October 2023 / 05 October 2023 / 06 October 2023
Class Session 5-day Class with 2 Sessions per Day
Class Hour Morning Session : 8:30 - 12:30 hrs. Afternoon Session :13:30 - 17:30 hrs.
Total Hours 40 hours
Class Capacity 16 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language English and Thai
Suitable For Pizza lovers, Italian food lovers, and upskillers
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School
What you will learn :
  • Basic rules of Neapilitan pizza making by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN)
  • Steps to make authentic Neapolitan pizza
  • Dough preparation by hand and with the mixer
  • Dough forming technique (Staglio)
  • Oven work organisation, from ignition, shovel usage, temperature, and baking technique
  • Ingredient selection for Neapolitan pizza
  • Hands-on training to make 3 pizzas and sauces
Neapolitan Pizza Workshop
  • Day 1: Introduction to Neapolitan pizza
  • - Theory: The history of Neapolitan pizza AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana or AVPN), International Regulations Types of Flour & how to select
  • - Preparation of the dough by hand and mixer Forming of the dough (staglio)
  • Day 2: The leavening, maturation and fermentation processes of the dough;
  • - Theory: The leavening , maturation and fermentation
  • - Preparation of the dough by hand Forming of the dough (staglio) Manipulation drafting of the pizza dough
  • Day 3: Oven lesson & Equipment
  • - Theory: Construction and cooking techniques for wood and gas ovens and Necessary equipment
  • - Manipulation drafting of the pizza dough
  • - Organization of the work in the oven- ignition, use of the shovels, technique for baking
  • Day 4: Oven lesson & product
  • - Theory: Cooking according to the optimal temperature parameters. The products are mozzarella, tomatoes, ETC
  • - Preparation and condiment pizza Margherita and pizza Marinara
  • Day 5: Class Summary
  • - Theory: Difference in cooking with different temperatures and analysis of the results and How should a good Neapolitan pizza be
  • - Preparation of the dough by hand and mixer Forming of the dough (staglio)
  • - Preparation and condiment pizza Margherita and pizza Marinara
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