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Japanese Curry
Japanese cuisine is famously detail-oriented and requires an incredible amount of attention to each and every dish. Even a dish like curry, which seems deceptively simple, is rich with history, techniques, and variation of tastes. In this course, students can learn more about Japanese curry and spices, as well as the other kinds of food that can be paired with Japanese curry, through preparing various traditional Japanese recipes.
Course Schedule
Class Date 11 March 2023
Class Session 1-Day Class with 2 Sessions per day
Class Hour Morning 08:30-12:30 / Afternoon 13:30-17:30
Total Hours 8 hours
Class Capacity 14 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language English with Thai translation
Suitable For Amateur and food enthusiasts
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School and Tsuji
What you will learn :
  • Basic knowledge of Japanese curry and differences between each types of curry.
  • Basic knowledge of types of food that can be eaten with Japanese curry such as udon, bread etc. As well as, types of ingredients that can added to Japanese curry.
  • Difference between Home-cook Japanese curry and restaurant Japanese curry.
  • Basic knowledge of types of spice and how can be used in Japanese curry.
Japanese Curry recipes by Tsuji
  • Curry Udon
  • Japanese Style Chicken Curry
  • Curry Bread
  • Dried Curry Rice
  • Japanese Curry Omurice
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