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Brian Bartusch
Brian Bartusch is a craft beer aficionado who transformed his love for brews into a career in 2012 when he co-founded Beervana International, introducing Thailand to premium American craft brews and pioneering the craft beer industry in Thailand. With a thirst for knowledge, he evolved into a skilled homebrewer and globally recognized beer judge and educator. From tasting panels in Japan to workshops across Southeast Asia, Brian's expertise knows no bounds. As a respected instructor at Le Cordon Bleu and Dusit Thani College, he shares his wealth of knowledge with aspiring beer connoisseurs. Brian's dedication to craft beer is unwavering, and when he isn’t judging beer or passing on his invaluable knowledge to students of the craft, he can be seen sipping a pint at beer havens and one of the many fine establishments around Bangkok.
Instructor's Journey:
  • Co-founder of Beervana, Asia in 2012
  • Southeast Asia’s 1st craft beverage importer
  • Certified BJCP Beer Judge
  • International Beer Judge at IBC Japan, ABC Singapore
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