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Welcome Mrs. Tala Dionisi, the Spouse of the Ambassador of Italy to the Kingdom of Thailand, and Her Esteemed Guests to The Food School Bangkok

The Food School Bangkok is honoured to welcome Mrs. Tala Dionisi, the spouse of His Excellency Paolo Dionisi, the Ambassador of Italy to the Kingdom of Thailand. Mrs. Tala Dionisi and her esteemed guests enjoyed an exclusive welcome, which included Italian cuisine workshops, featuring ‘Pizza Fritta, Montanara’ from the Campania region and ‘Risotto allo Zafferano’ from Lombardy. These workshops were conducted under the expert guidance of Chef Francesco De Rosa, an Italian cuisine instructor from ALMA – The School of Italian Culinary Arts, along with Chef Francesco Dieana from the renowned Italian restaurant La Dotta.

The event concluded with an Italian lunch exclusively prepared by Test Kitchen by The Food School Bangkok. We look forward to warmly welcoming Mrs. Tala and her esteemed guests on the upcoming special occasions in the future.

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