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Designed for teenagers to take a step on their food journey, turning passion into a reality. With activity-based camp, students will practice creating menus from culinary, bakery, and pastry. They will also experience the environment of team working and problem solving while learning and working as a team.
Class Activities
Conducted by ALMA, Tsuji & The Food School
Course Schedule
Class Date 04 April 2023
Class Capacity 16 persons
Class Session 2 sessions per day (Morning and Afternoon)
Class Hour 6 hours per day
Total Hours 24 hours
Course Outline:
    1) Recreational food-related hobbies that generates interests for a career path 2) Explore international cuisine's food culture, customs, and traditions 3) Discover precise cooking techniques in the best practices of international cuisine's settings
Course Description:

    Day 1 – Italian Cuisine by ALMA 

    • Welcome to The Food School with refreshment treat 
    • Ice breaking activities 
    • Hygiene & safety training 
    • Cooking Italian Pasta: Polpette al Pomodoro and Tortelli di Erbette 


    Day 2 – Japanese Cuisine by Tsuji 

    • Introduction to Japanese Cuisine 
    • Ingredient selection for Japanese Cuisine 
    • Cooking Temaki Sushi and Japanese Rice Curry 


    Day 3 – Thai Cuisine by The Food School  

    • Introduction to Thai Cuisine 
    • Ingredient selection for Thai Cuisine 
    • Cooking Fried Rice with Crab Meat and Tub-Tim-Krob  


    Day 4 – Italian Pastry & Bakery by ALMA 

    • Introduction to Italian pastry & bakery 
    • Baking Hazelnut donut and decorating with chocolate 
    • “Basic of selling” – Students sale their self-made donuts 
    • Cooking camp wrap up & Awards ceremony