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Gelato, Sorbetto and Frozen Pastry
Become an Italian gelato professional in the comfort of our kitchen with our new Gelato course! Led by Italian Pastry Chef Alessandro Masia from Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, you will learn to master the art of Italian ice cream within the span of 12 hours and perfect techniques for making milk-based and water-based gelato that will elevate your frozen treats skills and guide you to becoming a professional gelato master.
Course Schedule
Class Date 02 July 2024 / 03 July 2024
Class Session 2-Day Class with 2 Session per day
Class Hour Morning session: 09:00-12:00 hrs. Afternoon session: 13:00-16:00 hrs.
Total Hours 12 hours
Class Capacity 12 Seats
Qualified Age Minimum 18 years old
Delivery Language English with Translation
Suitable For For both professionals and amateurs seeking to explore various offerings within the realm of ice cream.
Accomplishment Certificate of attendance by The Food School
What you will learn :
  • Learn proper pasteurisation and ageing processes
  • Apply innovative techniques to create appealing products
Gelato, Sorbetto and Frozen Pastry
  • Granita
  • Sorbetto (direct method)
  • Gelato (pasteurisation and ageing process)
  • Frozen cake
  • Gelato on stick
Lecturers (Explore the Chefs biography below)
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