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Chef Takuya Watanuki
Tsuji - Chef Instructor
Through his Tsuji Culinary Institutes’ experience operating as a Head Chef for almost 20 years, chef Watanuki has an astonishing experience in Japanese traditional and contemporary culinary arts, where he believes that “fundamentals” will help students develop their own skills, supporting them in terms of growth and gastronomy.

Having conducted and organised events in the various Southeast Asia’s countries, chef Watanuki’s skills and experiences would be shared at The Food School extensively, to help push student’s progressive learning approach forward diligently.
Instructor's Journey:
  • Food product development advisor at Goshoku Co.,Ltd.
  • Instructor at Ecole Amy’s, Tokyo
  • Technical Advisor at Unkai, a Japanese restaurant in Hotel Nikko, New Century Beijing
  • Advocator of Japanese Cuisine, with MAFF across Southeast Asia continents
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